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As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we know that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in Maryland not easy. It is sometimes referred to as "liquidation". Under Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, you are entitled to keep about $12,000.00 of your personal property. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee can sell off all of the rest of your assets to pay debts and discharge creditors. As bankruptcy lawyers, we know that the thought of this is unsettling, at best. We know that: we understand your fears and concerns at what the process will entail and what might be the outcome and we can help you understand and navigate the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filining process in your best interest. We are here, with over 100 years of legal experience as bankruptcy lawyers, to help you make the Chapter 7 filing as positive an experience as possible towards a fresh start from your present unfortunate situation. That is why one of our bankruptcy attorneys has been honored as a "Superlawyer" for 2009, 2008 and 2007 for his work in bankruptcy matters.

You have already taken the most difficult step in your decision to seek Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. Now take the most important step and contact the bankruptcy attorneys at Logan, Yumkas, Vidmar and Sweeny for a free consultation to ensure that all of your Chapter 7 needs are addressed by those with experience and compassion. It might not even be in your best interest to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. But it is in you best interest to have Superlawyer on your legal team when you need one the most. Put over 100 years of legal experience on your side so that the bankruptcy lawyers at Logan, Yumkas Vidmar, and Sweeney can work with you on your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing to leave your financial troubles behind.

Questions about a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing:

*How does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing work?

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7 Banktuptcy trustee. The bankruptcy trusteet for your Chapter 7 bankrupcy then sells your assets to pay your creditors. After this, certain debts are discharged as part of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

*Will my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing discharge all of my debts?

No. There are provisions for previous Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, fraud and the willingness of the debtor to cooperate with and follow the dictates of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.

*Can a Husband and Wife File Jointly for a Chapter 7 Banktuptcy?

Yes. With a joint petition in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, only one set of forms is needed